Okay, this is the last photo you’ll have to look at of this painting turned collage. The background is now filled in with script reminiscent of love letters. The moon has a face.  I added a birdcage with two lovebirds in it and covered the whole thing with swirls representing dreams. Now I’m happy. If the artist ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy………..



  1. Bonnie Craig Gogolski Said:

    I like it!! Now it’s done….. it finally says something to you! I can imagine the girl remembering the love letters her lover has sent her from far away. Your persistence has paid off….. good job! =)

  2. opoetoo Said:

    It is nothing like where I thought it was headed.
    Maybe you think I am trying to be nice but I am shooting you straight:
    I think it really works now. Everything you added pulls it together so nicely.
    It is just wonderful to watch you work.

    • lol…it is nothing like where I thought I was headed either! Funny how sometimes you just have to let it be what it wants to be…Thanks for the kind words.

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