A Picture Story

                           Forever Friends 
The participants of CED have, for the month of March, a challenge to use “story” as an optional theme for their artwork. I have posted this particular “story” previously on my blog but thought it was a good example of an instance where the elements of the collage make up a complete story…at least for the artist. The observer may see an entirely different story when they look at it and that’s okay. The point is, most art does tell a story…

This collage is typical of an instance where I was inspired by a picture. I found this old sepia toned picture amongst my stash of vintage photos. It’s two little girls all bundled up for the cold and they are standing inside a wrought iron,  fenced yard. The story that popped into my head was that they are in an orphanage and that they were always together for many years until one day one of them was adopted and they vowed, tearfully,  that no matter what distance separated them, they would always remain, in their hearts, “forever friends”.  The printed material behind and under the photo is in another language. Probably Russian or Polish. There is a little metal charm from a European hotel, a foreign postage stamp, a leaf and a key, which I love to use in my artwork because keys can represent so many things. What do you think it meant to these little orphans….




  1. amy Said:

    I like the vintage collage. I love old photos and have many of them, just have to start making art with some now! Thanks for sharing.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Oh, lucky girl to have a ready supply of photos. Just jump in and have fun with them!

  2. aaronpocock Said:

    what a creative lady you are! a tree lover too by the looks of it- trees are my favourite things to draw…
    Keep up the great work, and have FUN!!

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Thank you for the kind words from a fellow tree lover! Hope you’ll stop by again =)

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