Life is so busy

My life is always so busy! I thought once I retired that I would have all this free time on my hands but that was not meant to be. And you know what?! It’s a good thing to be busy. I would prefer that to sitting around twiddling my thumbs any day!! Lately I have been busy working on a special project with the Arc of NEPA. It’s a special educational event that is just astronomical in its scope and reach with elementary school aged children. I cannot tell you how important I feel it is to teach our children about the handicaps that others may have and how to relate to people with these handicaps at an early age!! My Grandchildren already know about the importance of empathy, acceptance, inclusion and compassion in this regard as they have been exposed to it from an early age, but there are so many children that have not had that opportunity and I am so excited to be a  part of teaching other children about these things too!  Next Friday we will present  a program involving over 470 3rd grade students who will be treated to an entire day devoted to meeting a young girl who is multi handicapped and mainstreaming in her school system. The participating students have received a book written about this young girl by her classmates when she was a 3rd grader herself so they are all very excited to meet Mikayla and to participate in this ground breaking event. The day will include demonstrations of adaptive toys and devices, a photo shoot, hands on activities, a puppet show , lunch, a slide show and a Q & A session with our guest of honor and her Mom. I am very proud to be a part of this outstanding educational program and will update you as to how it went!!

On the creative home front, my website is in the “birthing” stages and is being constructed as I speak of it!! This is so exciting. Soon I will have my own on-line  Art Gallery and Shop to market my art and to offer other unique treasures and hadmade items for sale as well. My line of note cards and art prints will be available along with my original art by the end of April at the Edgewood Gallery and Boutique. Stay tuned for updates!!

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather and looking forward to a glorious Spring!!



  1. opoetoo Said:

    I think that what a person does with retirement says much about who they are.
    What an excellent choice you have made.

    I was fortunate to grow up in a church with several peers that had various problems. I learned empathy the hard way.
    My mother took no prisoners concerning the down trodden of the world and their proper treatment.
    I am very thankful for her.

    • Thank you so much for your glimpse of a childhood that included this kind of education and empathy!! Good for your Mom…she’s my kind of gal!!

  2. pamq Said:

    Wow! That sounds like a very interesting and rewarding project! I hope all goes well and I wish you the best with it!

    I was just thinking about you the other day….wondering how your website was coming along and thinking that I should email you to find out….. And now I have an idea of how things are going! That is just so exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear more…………

    • Pam,Thank you so much for your good wishes. We need all the positive thoughts we can get! We are just a group of ladies on a mission…Maron

  3. Fantastic, Maron. My son has autism and is mainstreaming full-time now. I was surprised how well he does in the classroom. Unlike the multiply handicapped young student, Samuel’s different abilities aren’t visible. I hope this is addressed, too. Samuel is in third grade – there is no accident about your project reaching third graders.

    Our Special Education Director has a saying, “Special Education is a service, it isn’t a place.”

    I wish all people would take this to heart.

    And YAY for your website! What fantastic news!

    • Julie, as you know, I e-mailed my reply to you but wanted to post your comment for all to see how important educatiing the public is for little guys like yours and others as well! Thank you so much. Maron

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