A great event…

Well, as March comes to an end, I am happy to report that the big educational event on Friday was outstanding in every way possible. It exceeded everyone’s expectations. I would be hard pressed to describe the feeling I got when I observed nearly 500 3rd graders listening with rapt attention as the guest of honor and her family were introduced to them. You could almost hear a pin drop!! I never saw such a well-behaved group of children in my life!! Divided into 5 large groups, they moved from station to station throughout the afternoon to learn something new about people with disabilities. There were adaptive devices and toys and a braille station for them to have some hands on experiences, worksheets and craft projects to do in between at their home base tables,a film and slide show, a nice bag lunch and a puppet show with handicapped puppets. Also a Q & A session with the Mom of our little guest of honor, Mikayla.  The day just flew by and the children all seemed to be having a great time. I think their favorite part was having their class pictures taken with Mikayla. They each made a picture frame and will get to have their very own photo as a  memento of the wonderful day. I can tell you that at then end of it all, when the last school bus pulled out of the parking lot, there was a very tired but happy group of women who were ready to celebrate the success of the day. And that we did as we met later for dinner and to recap the events of the day. And so, my creative life may have taken a back seat for the past month (or more) but believe me, it was well worth it to know that those students went back out into the world with a little more knowledge and a lot more compassion towards people with disabilities!! The book that was the catalyst for this whole event can be purchased at www.inclusionproject.org 



  1. Ginny Said:

    I am so glad your event was such a huge success. Actually, your creativity was present in everything you did for the children. As a retired teacher, I know how much they enjoyed learning in a way that was different from the regular day. They will remember the experience your provided for them forever. Think how many lives you changed.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Thanks Ginny for your kind comment. I know…I think of all the good “seeds” that we planted that day and it gives me goosebumps! =)

  2. Beth Said:

    What a great idea – and fantastic project! More understanding of diversity and equality for all needs to start with our children!

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Tank you Beth. You are so right and this age in particular are just right for this sort of project!

  3. opoetoo Said:

    This is the best creativity in the world. Think of what was created in hearts and minds.
    Wonderful stuff.

    • That’s what we are praying for!! This is the very best age for it too. They are still so full of passion and not “tainted” by the world at all yet!

  4. pamq Said:

    I was wondering how your project was coming along! So glad to hear that it was such a success!!! Sounds like it was quite a busy day for everyone, too!

    • It was just outstanding in every way possible! We are all so greatful that it went so well.

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