6 months

growing fast

Well, tomorrow “little” Fergus will be 6 months old! Already he is nearly as big as Maggie and they are pretty evenly matched when they wrestle with each other. But soon he will pass her out as she has always been a petite miss. Fergus will be a big guy like his predecessor, Angus! He has settled into the family nicely and we couldn’t be happier with the way he and Maggie get along. Hopefully, they will enjoy a long life together!

lazy pals lounging in the library



  1. linda Said:

    How cute! I like his expressions there…posing for the camera? My husband and I are on the lookout for a westie and waiting for one to be born and one day join our family. I’ve grown up with dogs part of our household, so I’m super excited!

    • Oh Linda, that’s so exciting! The Westie is like the “salt” to the Scottie dogs “pepper” since the the breeds are sort of canine cousins. Let me know when your little one arrives!

  2. Bonnie Craig Gogolski Said:

    Happy Bithday to Fergie….my little fur nephew! =)
    Kisses & Hugs from “Aunt Bum”

  3. A very Happy Birthday to Fergus. 🙂

  4. pamq Said:

    Oh, “little” Fergus is just so darn cute! I wish I could come and give him a birthday treat!

    And I wouldn’t mind sitting there in your library—looks like a great place to snuggle up with two warm dogs and a good book!

    Love both photos—especially that second one—had to look a bit before I saw the second pup!

    • Lol! That’s because Maggie thinks she’s a cat and she perches on the back of the chair but usually ends up slipping down between the cusion and the back of the chair. Which, of course is a nice warm spot in the winter…=)Maggie is no fool!

  5. kate Said:

    . . . from my fuzzy guys to yours: squeek 🙂 (i wonder if our guys could play nice together – they’re all so full of vinegar and fireworks . . . 🙂

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      wouldn’t it be fun to see how they’d interact (or not)!! They defiately are full of something spicy!! =)

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