Celebrate the connection

These are the most important holy days for Christians and Jews as we celebrate Easter and Passover. I read a nice article this morning in the USA Weekend insert of the Sunday papers, written by Cathy Lynn Grossman. She talks about spirituality and how to recognize it when you are having a spiritual moment or awakening in your life. I grew up in a church going family and continued the tradition with my own family. Nowadays, I celebrate the fact that I can also share this part of my life with my Grandchildren and hopefully they too will nourish a closeness with God as they grow to maturity.  Today I wish you all a blessed holiday and holy day…whatever you are celebrating,  I wish you a spritual awakening. Celebrate your connection to God and spirit!


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  1. This is different, Maron, because several days ago I visited and I saved your link with a note to myself. Strange. It told me to share something I wrote with you… about receiving and blessings… so here I go…

    (LOL. Not exactly sure why!)

    How to Receive When Things Make No Sense…

    Like, sending this along to you which doesn’t initially make sense! LOL…

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