Garden Time

Garden time

Well, sooner or later a Scottie Dog had to show up in one of my sketches. I won’t say if it’s Maggie or Fergus…use your imagination! You may notice the colors in this sketch are more vibrant and that is because I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials (an expensive thing to do). Anyway, I have discovered these awesome markers by Copic in my research and I requested a sample. Well, after I tried it, I had to order some in many colors!! I really love the way they bring a sketch to life! I even like the way you can see the marker lines as these are whimsical drawings anyway and it just adds to that fun look. Boy,  this is a tough job… but somebody’s gotta do it!!  Life is good…



  1. Debby Singleton Said:

    I love those markers! I use them to do outlining and lined or dotted shading on my acrylic paintings after they’ve dried. Adds another layer to a project.

  2. Debby Singleton Said:

    p.s love the garden paintings and the Scottie!

  3. I love the variety of “things to look at” here. I bet I could see this art 20 times and take away something new each time.

  4. Bonnie Craig Gogolski Said:

    About time you put one of your “fur kids” in one of your art pieces. Nice bright colors and … I love that sun! Cute!

  5. That’s what the puppies said =)

  6. Lis Said:

    Oh, lucky you having Coptic markers! I am an experimenter in materials and it is so exciting to see how to use new tools. I love your scotty dog … reminds me of a cartoon series I did when I was a kid about a Sherlock Holmes kind of detective dog who was a Scotty with a pipe and hat. And now I am inspired to do images of my spaniel after my daughter told me a story about him as a fairy!

    So happy to see such lively, joyful and playful art! Glad you’ve taken on this tough job 🙂

    Lis (coming over from CED)

    • Maron Said:

      Thanks Lis. Glad you are inspired to do some images of your own doggie. Can’t wait to see them posted =)

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