back garden path

Here we are again..it’s Spring and we are on the garden path. To be exact, we are on the back garden path. This is the area of our gardens that sits above our back patio. In the foreground you can see a circle of flat(ish) rocks that form a little area where we have a metal fireplace for bon-fires. We have a garden bench that will go next to the fireplace when we get the energy to haul it off the front porch, where we keep it (relatively out of the elements) for the winter.  To the left of the path is the mulched area that is under the bird feeder and that goes up to the treeline beyond which is woods. (and the animal cemetary) On the left of the path is a line of Hostas which, you may remember, I divided last spring and planted all over the neighborhood. As you can see, they could be divided again as they grow well there! The path itself is small red rock and (especially after a rain) it looks so pretty between the lines of green. The right side of the path is the bank that rises up from the patio below. That bank is covered with Creeping Myrtle, which right now,  is covered in tiny purple flowers.

Here’s the back birdbath (we have 2 others).  It’s next to the woods and conveniently,  right next to the back  bird feeder…a sort of one-stop plaza for the wildlife! Notice the circle of transplanted Hostas from last year!  In the background you can see an old fashioned “tiller” and no, my hubby doesn’t use that kind in the garden! It’s just a decoration. =)

Bleeding Hearts

Also in the area of the feeder and the tree line, because they do so well in a partially shaded environment, I have these gorgeous Bleeding Hearts. If you have them in your garden, take a look at them up close. They are so beautiful with the droplets of moisure showing through the tender transparent part of the blossoms! What a treat for the eyes!

a profusion of plants and textures

One of our side gardens is pretty shady. The whole mound is mulched so a lot of the mulch is just bare texture which I love to see in a garden as it gives it some visual interest. In this particular shot you can see where the Lilies of the Valley are just marching right through the Euonymus fortunei, Emerald Gaiety. And what have we here? A lovely baby pine tree has taken root right in the midst of  it all.  I don’t know if I have the muscles necessary to dig it out and transplant it but I guess I’ll have to try or “deal” with it when it gets out of hand!! =(  Here is another bird bath for those discriminating birds, squirrels and chipmunks that might like a little more privacy….=) Notice, again, the hostas! lol!

flowering almond

I am so thrilled with this flowering almond bush that I transplanted from it’s former location on the back bank where it just did nothing for two years. Since I relocated it, it is such a happy, pretty little shrub! If something in your garden is just not thriving, move it to a new local and you may be surprised at what happens!!


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