Fergus update…

Conehead Fergy

Well, here’s our boy two days post surgery. He doesn’t like the cone (of course) but I have to say that he deals with it a lot better than Maggie did when she had to have a minor procedure done a few months ago. Fergus can walk around with it just fine. He can even get up and down from the chairs with it on. I actually saw him take a drink of water with it on and chew his raw hide bones! I leave it off for long periods when he is with me in the office or if I am sitting right next to him reading or watching TV. But if I go out for a little while and at bedtime, I have to put it back on him as he does still try to lick the incision once in a while. But all in all, it has not been as traumatic as I thought it would be and he seems to be healing quickly. The most important part…after the initial grogginess wore off that first day, he is back to himself. Teasing his “sister”, Maggie, stealing socks from the laundry basket and begging for a treat whenever he can! He is a great little guy and we are lucky to have him in the family!



  1. Debby Singleton Said:

    Why surgery on such a young lad? Hopefully nothing serious.

    • Maron Said:

      Neutering. Hated to do it but it makes for a healthier dog who has less inclination to roam. He’s doing great though…=) Thanks for your concern.

  2. leah Said:

    aw, poor guy! i’m glad he’s starting to feel better already!

  3. Bonnie Said:

    Hope Fergie is back to his old self soon! He’s such a good pup.

    • Maron Said:

      Thanks Leah & Bonnie. I will tell him the “girls” were asking about him =)

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