A door closes…a world opens

The Artful Codger's Studio Shelf

This is a bitter-sweet day for me. The Artful Codger (TAC) has grown up and blossomed into something bigger and more exciting! It has been my “baby” for this past year.  It has been the incubator for many an idea. It has connected me with hundreds of new people, some of whom have become good friends and an important part of my life. TAC has launched me into the life of creativity that I always desired. It has been a journal for my personal ramblings and a palette for my art. It has seen my creative life through dramatic spurts of experimentation and growth..over and over again. Who knew that creating a blog could be the catalyst for all of this and more? I really had no idea where I was going with the Artful Codger when I constructed the site. I only knew that I needed a place to showcase and nurture my art and writing skills. A lifetime of producing art, a lifetime of writing…and finally, a place to grow it and share it. A place to give affirmation to other creative people and a place to receive affirmation as well! What could be better than this? Well…having my own website/blog…that’s what could be and IS better as ART BY MARON launches today at 3pm EST!! And so we say a fond farewell to The Artful Codger but in name only because the Art By Maron Blog will have the same content, archives and artsy, crazy posts and pictures it always had under the old name. It will look a little different…a little more “grown up” but, trust me when I say that THIS Artful Codger is still here and always will be. Still experimenting, still growing and still looking forward to the connection I have with each one of you every day. Sooooo (insert drum roll here) please click here www.artbymaron.com to travel to my new website/blog and REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS, BLOG ROLLS AND RSS…See you “over there”…


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