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The Artful Codger is now Art By Maron at  Hope to see you at my new location soon!


A door closes…a world opens

The Artful Codger's Studio Shelf

This is a bitter-sweet day for me. The Artful Codger (TAC) has grown up and blossomed into something bigger and more exciting! It has been my “baby” for this past year.  It has been the incubator for many an idea. It has connected me with hundreds of new people, some of whom have become good friends and an important part of my life. TAC has launched me into the life of creativity that I always desired. It has been a journal for my personal ramblings and a palette for my art. It has seen my creative life through dramatic spurts of experimentation and growth..over and over again. Who knew that creating a blog could be the catalyst for all of this and more? I really had no idea where I was going with the Artful Codger when I constructed the site. I only knew that I needed a place to showcase and nurture my art and writing skills. A lifetime of producing art, a lifetime of writing…and finally, a place to grow it and share it. A place to give affirmation to other creative people and a place to receive affirmation as well! What could be better than this? Well…having my own website/blog…that’s what could be and IS better as ART BY MARON launches today at 3pm EST!! And so we say a fond farewell to The Artful Codger but in name only because the Art By Maron Blog will have the same content, archives and artsy, crazy posts and pictures it always had under the old name. It will look a little different…a little more “grown up” but, trust me when I say that THIS Artful Codger is still here and always will be. Still experimenting, still growing and still looking forward to the connection I have with each one of you every day. Sooooo (insert drum roll here) please click here to travel to my new website/blog and REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS, BLOG ROLLS AND RSS…See you “over there”…


Big Announcement.....

Well, the big day is coming fast now.  The launch date of my website and on-line Gallery has been set and the count down begins!! One week from Friday, the site will go live. So launch date is Friday, May 7th. I have been working with a web designer for just over 2 months now and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! She just told me this morning that May 7th is LAUNCH DAY! So this is exciting. Finally,  a place to market and sell my art other than the usual venues available to artists. Am I nervous? Well, probably a little more excited than nervous and a lot relieved that most of the prep work is done…on my side anyway. I have been working more in my office and less in my studio since this process began just because of needing access to my computer. So my work has been mainly illustration and sketching rather than painting and collage work  for the past two months! I have been enjoying the change but will be glad to get away from the desk and back into my studio more. I need to get my hands into the paint and glue again. I am looking forward to the solitude of my studio as it is a more secluded spot in the house compared to my office which is a little too accessible!!  The original plan was to have a Gallery as well as a “Boutique” but I have decided to start with just the Gallery and add the Boutique later…after I get my “sea legs” so to speak. I have learned so much in the past year since I launched The Artful Codger. (the anniversary of which is coming up in June, I believe)  A lot of it has been by trial and error but I am surely a testament to what a person can do if they really have the desire and tenacity to do something!!  If you are toying with the idea of your own website, I would tell you to go for it.  I had a lot of encouragement from some wonderful friends and artists along the way. I picked many a creative brain before I got the courage to take the leap. You have to have faith in yourself. It is definitely a lot of work but you are worth it!!! (Plus the fact that you can “man the store” in your robe and bunny slippers and no one will be the wiser! ) lol!  So keep your eye on the launch pad here and if there are any updates along the way, I will keep you informed…..

crunch time

Well, the launch date of my on-line gallery and shop is coming fast and I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the details.  I did get some prints back from the printer and my 2 sets of  note cards are printed as well (the set of 4  cutesy summer scenes  and the set of 2 nature inspired cards).  I’m nervous about the details but working with a great web designer who has all the answers to my many questions and concerns  has made the process a lot easier! So for the next week at least, it’s nose to the grind stone for me and hopefully by mid May, the creative juices will be flowing more freely again…..

Celebrate the connection

These are the most important holy days for Christians and Jews as we celebrate Easter and Passover. I read a nice article this morning in the USA Weekend insert of the Sunday papers, written by Cathy Lynn Grossman. She talks about spirituality and how to recognize it when you are having a spiritual moment or awakening in your life. I grew up in a church going family and continued the tradition with my own family. Nowadays, I celebrate the fact that I can also share this part of my life with my Grandchildren and hopefully they too will nourish a closeness with God as they grow to maturity.  Today I wish you all a blessed holiday and holy day…whatever you are celebrating,  I wish you a spritual awakening. Celebrate your connection to God and spirit!

A great event…

Well, as March comes to an end, I am happy to report that the big educational event on Friday was outstanding in every way possible. It exceeded everyone’s expectations. I would be hard pressed to describe the feeling I got when I observed nearly 500 3rd graders listening with rapt attention as the guest of honor and her family were introduced to them. You could almost hear a pin drop!! I never saw such a well-behaved group of children in my life!! Divided into 5 large groups, they moved from station to station throughout the afternoon to learn something new about people with disabilities. There were adaptive devices and toys and a braille station for them to have some hands on experiences, worksheets and craft projects to do in between at their home base tables,a film and slide show, a nice bag lunch and a puppet show with handicapped puppets. Also a Q & A session with the Mom of our little guest of honor, Mikayla.  The day just flew by and the children all seemed to be having a great time. I think their favorite part was having their class pictures taken with Mikayla. They each made a picture frame and will get to have their very own photo as a  memento of the wonderful day. I can tell you that at then end of it all, when the last school bus pulled out of the parking lot, there was a very tired but happy group of women who were ready to celebrate the success of the day. And that we did as we met later for dinner and to recap the events of the day. And so, my creative life may have taken a back seat for the past month (or more) but believe me, it was well worth it to know that those students went back out into the world with a little more knowledge and a lot more compassion towards people with disabilities!! The book that was the catalyst for this whole event can be purchased at 

Life is so busy

My life is always so busy! I thought once I retired that I would have all this free time on my hands but that was not meant to be. And you know what?! It’s a good thing to be busy. I would prefer that to sitting around twiddling my thumbs any day!! Lately I have been busy working on a special project with the Arc of NEPA. It’s a special educational event that is just astronomical in its scope and reach with elementary school aged children. I cannot tell you how important I feel it is to teach our children about the handicaps that others may have and how to relate to people with these handicaps at an early age!! My Grandchildren already know about the importance of empathy, acceptance, inclusion and compassion in this regard as they have been exposed to it from an early age, but there are so many children that have not had that opportunity and I am so excited to be a  part of teaching other children about these things too!  Next Friday we will present  a program involving over 470 3rd grade students who will be treated to an entire day devoted to meeting a young girl who is multi handicapped and mainstreaming in her school system. The participating students have received a book written about this young girl by her classmates when she was a 3rd grader herself so they are all very excited to meet Mikayla and to participate in this ground breaking event. The day will include demonstrations of adaptive toys and devices, a photo shoot, hands on activities, a puppet show , lunch, a slide show and a Q & A session with our guest of honor and her Mom. I am very proud to be a part of this outstanding educational program and will update you as to how it went!!

On the creative home front, my website is in the “birthing” stages and is being constructed as I speak of it!! This is so exciting. Soon I will have my own on-line  Art Gallery and Shop to market my art and to offer other unique treasures and hadmade items for sale as well. My line of note cards and art prints will be available along with my original art by the end of April at the Edgewood Gallery and Boutique. Stay tuned for updates!!

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather and looking forward to a glorious Spring!!

Snow, snow snow….

from the front door

doggie paths

Looking towards my Son’s house from my front yard….

Pop...making paths for pups!

Maggie goes adventuring

So this is winter in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains of N.E. Pa.!!

Life so precious…

We have lost a dear, dear friend to cancer. It has been a  few weeks of sadness for his illness and mourning at his death and yes…reminiscensce… for what heals the heart more than sharing stories about a loved one who is gone from your circle of friends? We have spent time with his family and our tight group of friends who will miss him dearly and it has been so helpful.  So today I say we miss you Joe and we will never forget your love and friendship…..

And the winners are….

The Auber Genie with basket of purple dreams
The winner of the Auber Geni is Loryia Bond from Loralai Original Art. Congratulations Loryia, the Geni will glide on over on his magic carpet as soon as I hear from you!!
And the winner of the mini collage, “You Are Music For my Soul” is Leslie Anderson from My Life & Times. I’ll be waiting to hear from you too Leslie!
I have e-mailed both winners as well.
Thanks to all who entered the giveaway it was great fun to meet folks from The Netherlands, Moldova, Canada, New Zealand & The Philippines…just to name a few of the places that participants hailed from..not to mention all corners of the USA!! And while participation takes a little time and effort, it is well worth it to discover such wonderful sites that I will surely visit again and again in the future!!  Thanks to everyone and especially Lisa for making this such a successful event!

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