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Garden Time

Garden time

Well, sooner or later a Scottie Dog had to show up in one of my sketches. I won’t say if it’s Maggie or Fergus…use your imagination! You may notice the colors in this sketch are more vibrant and that is because I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials (an expensive thing to do). Anyway, I have discovered these awesome markers by Copic in my research and I requested a sample. Well, after I tried it, I had to order some in many colors!! I really love the way they bring a sketch to life! I even like the way you can see the marker lines as these are whimsical drawings anyway and it just adds to that fun look. Boy,  this is a tough job… but somebody’s gotta do it!!  Life is good…


Working Hard

Windy Day Walk

Shades of Summer

These images are not finished art, as you can tell by how light they are, but just wanted to prove that I am working hard!! (okay…I’m having fun too) These sketches will ultimately become note cards once they are completed.

Patio Bird Watcher

Bird Watcher

One little kitty is doing some bird watching on the patio while her friend just enjoys the sun.

Mini Collage

The Letter B


This mini collage tells a story that B is for bicycle, blue, brown, button, bird, blossom… 

I love the challenge of doing these minis because it is harder to get your artistic point across on a smaller canvas with fewer elements to tell the tale.

Pastel Sunset

Pastel Sunset

Watercolor of a  late winter sunset…just when the earth is getting ready to burst into glorious spring!!

A Picture Story

                           Forever Friends 
The participants of CED have, for the month of March, a challenge to use “story” as an optional theme for their artwork. I have posted this particular “story” previously on my blog but thought it was a good example of an instance where the elements of the collage make up a complete story…at least for the artist. The observer may see an entirely different story when they look at it and that’s okay. The point is, most art does tell a story…

This collage is typical of an instance where I was inspired by a picture. I found this old sepia toned picture amongst my stash of vintage photos. It’s two little girls all bundled up for the cold and they are standing inside a wrought iron,  fenced yard. The story that popped into my head was that they are in an orphanage and that they were always together for many years until one day one of them was adopted and they vowed, tearfully,  that no matter what distance separated them, they would always remain, in their hearts, “forever friends”.  The printed material behind and under the photo is in another language. Probably Russian or Polish. There is a little metal charm from a European hotel, a foreign postage stamp, a leaf and a key, which I love to use in my artwork because keys can represent so many things. What do you think it meant to these little orphans….


Plant your garden

Having fun creating these little watercolred/fine line marker drawings to be made into note cards…

Spring Sunset


I just finished this three dimensional collage. One good thing about cabin fever is that when I’m busy in my studio, I forget it’s a snowy white world outside! This is an acrylic painting of a spring sunset with two trees in the background. The other three trees were painted and cut out along with the individual maple leaves and some other details. They were then applied to the background painting with gel medium. The collage is mounted in a deep frame to accommodate the raised elements .

Birthday gift

Birthday Garden Party

This is the painting I did with the new acrylic technique. It was my friend’s birthday and I wanted to give her a little handmade gift so I did a collage using the pretty floral background as a foundation.

Bus Stop

Rainy Day Bus Stop

And this is what I do on yet another “snowed in” day after I’ve cleaned all the closets & drawers. More watercolor/fine line marker practice…

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