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Maron on deck

The retirement cruise. Sorry, couldn't crop that unknown guy out!

I guess I’m sort of back tracking here but thought I should introduce myself to my readers. My name is Maron Craig Bielovitz. I have many pictures of myself from a very early age with pencil and paper in hand. I have always loved to write and sketch. My sister taught me how to do basic drawing and then I just developed my own style through the years. I am probably, first and foremost, a writer but I am also a Mixed Media Artist. Give me a lump of clay, a scrap of interesting fabric, a bit of flotsam & jetsam and a box of paints and turn me loose!

I was raised in a small town in the foothills of Pennsylvania’s beautiful Pocono Mountains. Although I lived away from here briefly at the beginning of my (almost 44 year) marriage, I am lucky to still be here amongst the friends of a lifetime and in the heart of my family.  I have a patient and gentle husband, Don and two terrific kids who each married terrific “kids” and my daughter has given me the icing on the cake in the form of my 8 year old Granddaughter (The Diva) and 6 year old Grandson (The Flash) who are the apples of my (and Grandpa’s ) eye! My dear son and his wife live right next door to me with Harley, my 145 pound “grand dog”. In our own house, there are two more fur kids …4 year old Maggie and 10 year old Angus (aka Gus), both Scottish Terriers. Actually it’s their house and my hubby & I are “staff”.

I have two siblings. My sister is the first born (she was the perfect child that I looked up to and still do ), my brother is the baby (he was my little “itch” of a sidekick who grew up to be an educator and a pastor who makes me proud) and I am that eccentric “middle child” who had a varied and interesting host of jobs in my lifetime which included being a Cosmetologist, a Bookkeeper, a Bank Worker, a Receptionist and “switch board” operator, a Freelance Writer, a Merchandiser, etc, etc, until I discovered that I wanted to be a Realtor when I grew up! And that is what I did for about 20 years until my recent retirement at the very young age of 63! Anyway, my sibs and I had an awesome childhood. There were no street corners to hang out on and no close neighbors as we lived in the “country”. But there were plenty of trees to hang around in and a gaggle of cousins who came to visit regularly as Mom had 8 (living then) siblings with bunches of kids of their own! Most of Dad’s family lived in New Jersey but we saw them quite often as well.

Summer in the country would have been boring for most kids, I suppose, but we had terrific imaginations so we never lacked for something to keep us occupied. Mom fueled those imaginations with games she would play with us. Both inside and outside games. Mom was the queen of the board games though. You could NOT beat her at Chinese checkers!! She also instilled in us a love of reading that remains with us to this day. Her room, at the nursing home where she lives just a few miles from here, is also filled with books!! You go Mom!

Some of my special interests are: Reading, Writing, doing my own forms of Art and enjoying  the Art of others, Gardening, Interior Decorating, Mah Jongg, Journaling and helping to raise funds and awareness for my favorite cause…The ARC of NEPA,  where I serve on the Board of Directors of the Friends of ARC Auxiliary as Secretary.  My best friend (we’ll call her the Silver Fox) is President.

The Silver Fox and I do a lot of shopping together because , as she says, “It’s cheaper than therapy”!

I live on a quiet country road in a sweet little house surrounded by lush woods on two sides and my beautiful garden scapes all around. The Donald (as I fondly call him) has a wonderful green thumb for vegetable gardening and his garden is a thing of beauty. He also happens to have a penchant for perfection when it comes to maintaining his lawn!

So that about paints the picture of who I am…although you will come to know more about me than you ever wanted to I am sure! I hope you will just enjoy my blog for what it is. A sharing of art and life in my own crazy way. I hope I can make you laugh, make you think and encourage you to be your creative  best. I look forward to your comments and your input!

Artfully yours,