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Octagon plates and pear

Octagon plates and pear

Defining my blog…my mission statement, if you will…has been an evolution. It is truly a journal of my life as an artist, writer, gardener, pet lover, etc. but it is really just an “artful” blog. Something that I hope anyone can read and relate to on one level or another. My fondest hope is that, once you subscribe to the Artful Codger’s Blog (it’s free to subscribe), that you will find here a way to help you celebrate the beauty in your own life. Finding art and beauty in the everyday experience is what this blog is all about. Looking at life in an artful way and perhaps sharing it with others.  I would love to receive your artful photos and thoughts and permission to share it with others. So I am starting a new category today. It is called “Sharing” and in it I will celebrate and share the work of other creative folks. Don’t be bashful. Please share with me. If you don’t want your contribution posted on my blog…that’s okay too. But just the action of sharing it with me is the greatest gift you can give to your creative self! And in that spirit, I will post the first contribution later today under the new category, “Sharing..the work of guest artists”. Don’t miss it!!  =)


Welcome to my blog

My Daughter in law says I have too much “stuff” in my computer. She is right! I think my pc is a reflection of the busy,  little creative muse inside of me. Especially since my recent retirement.  My muse was dormant for a long time so it woke gradually, like an awakening cat taking a good slow stretch!

The first week of my retirement was spent vacationing….a nice relaxing Caribbean cruise with the Hubs. Then the post vacation unpacking, laundry and general “catching up” around the house. I cleaned closets and drawers that had not seen the light of day for a while during my career busyness. I helped my husband in the garden with the weeding and pruning. I dug out and transplanted, literally, wheel barrels full of hostas and really got the dirt under my nails, something I used to do on a regular basis before work took over my life. I read even more books than I usually do….and I usually read many! I organized and cleaned and did some redecorating, giving a few rooms a lighter look for summer. I think that’s what unleashed the sleeping monster in me,  since decorating is one of my creative passions….that and the “art magazines” I discovered in the book and craft stores! Hmmmmmnnnn….I could do that!

Hey, I even had the perfect place to do that….my studio! Created by my Hubby when we first built this house about 13 years ago, my studio is a brightly lit and wonderfully designed space of chaotic organization! (I know right where those green glass beads are and I can put my hands on my stash of antique ephemera in seconds). When someone first lays eyes on that room, their mouth drops open as their eyes dance around taking in the colorful and diverse plethora of art and art supplies. Even more so now that there are always plenty of projects, in various stages of completion, at the different work stations.

This is definately the studio of a person with ADHAD….attention deficit hyperactive art disorder! And although I believe all artists are like this to some degree, I do try to clean up before leaving the studio for the day (or night) so as not to “confuse the muse” with disarray upon my return!

Since I started doing my art again on a regular basis, I am like a cartoon character who starts off in one direction and gets waylaid when she sees something that needs her attention along the way, going from one project to another as the mood dictates. I am usually doing two or more things at once because the fixative on one has to dry or the pattern on another is puzzling my brain and I need to step away until I figure out how to design the next piece.

Sometimes it feels as if my head will explode with all of the ideas vying for my full attention. But that’s okay. This explosion of creativity has been locked inside long enough. It feels good to unleash it….to give it a voice!

I was so blocked as an artist while I was working at my career in Real Estate. It was a profession that engaged me 24/7 by it’s very nature. Always in the back of my conciousness and distracting my every waking moment. It took a while to shake that monkey off my back but now that it’s gone, the creativity just flows.

This is the art journal that is presently consuming my time (happily)

This is the art journal that is presently consuming my time (happily)

My dear, dear family and friends have had to look at doll clothing (my very first creative “outflow” which included crochet and sewing, two skills I had not used in decades), collages, art journal pages, poetry, sculpting, art dolls, paintings….well, you get the picture! I just needed to share what was “coming to the surface” for me. Thank goodness I have supportive people around me and a good many artists as friends!

And so I come to my blog….The Artful Codger (please keep in mind that I’m a young codger)….with a renewed spirit, an awakened muse and a desire to share my artful life with a wider circle of folks who love the musings and eye candy created by the artist in all of us….welcome!