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Fergus update…

Conehead Fergy

Well, here’s our boy two days post surgery. He doesn’t like the cone (of course) but I have to say that he deals with it a lot better than Maggie did when she had to have a minor procedure done a few months ago. Fergus can walk around with it just fine. He can even get up and down from the chairs with it on. I actually saw him take a drink of water with it on and chew his raw hide bones! I leave it off for long periods when he is with me in the office or if I am sitting right next to him reading or watching TV. But if I go out for a little while and at bedtime, I have to put it back on him as he does still try to lick the incision once in a while. But all in all, it has not been as traumatic as I thought it would be and he seems to be healing quickly. The most important part…after the initial grogginess wore off that first day, he is back to himself. Teasing his “sister”, Maggie, stealing socks from the laundry basket and begging for a treat whenever he can! He is a great little guy and we are lucky to have him in the family!


6 months

growing fast

Well, tomorrow “little” Fergus will be 6 months old! Already he is nearly as big as Maggie and they are pretty evenly matched when they wrestle with each other. But soon he will pass her out as she has always been a petite miss. Fergus will be a big guy like his predecessor, Angus! He has settled into the family nicely and we couldn’t be happier with the way he and Maggie get along. Hopefully, they will enjoy a long life together!

lazy pals lounging in the library

It’s all about the Scotties!!!

Yay for Sadie!!!!

Yay for Sadie who won the Westminster Dog Show yesterday!!! After living with Scotties for all these years (I’ve had 4 of them so far) I can tell you they are a stubborn and hardy breed and Sadie did them all proud when she strutted her stuff at the show. Needless to say…Maggie & Fergus are celebrating today!! =)

It's a laid back sort of celebrating...

Can I get in that show next year?!

Two ears up!!

Two ears up!

Well, Fergus finally has both ears standing straight up in true Scottie style! That doesn’t mean they are up permanently yet but it means that they will probably stay up there some time soon for good! Notice how little he looks still in this shot but how big he looks in the picture below when laying next to Maggie. That one was taken about a week ago! He is growing like a weed!


Snuggle with me, Mags!

Maggie “allowed”  Fergus a little snuggle in the dog bed that is in my office recently. A rare moment for she is not much for dog beds and prefers human furniture most of the time.

One ear up!

One up and one to go

This is breaking news in scottie land… as of yesterday (Wednesday) one of litle Fergus’ ears is standing at attention as it should be and is still perky today. The other one, which has a little “dimple” in it, is being stubborn but it should follow in a few days. Right now he is looking a little lop-sided but very cute all the same…

Fresh air…

It’s a great morning here as the weather is a more mild 25 degrees with little wind today. So Maggie and I bundled up and took off for a nice long walk after tucking little Fergus into his crate for some nap time. The  weather prediction for  the weekend is a return to the frigid teens but today it is going up to 31…a virtual “heat wave” here in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains!

Anyway, our morning walk was invigorating and peaceful. I let Maggie take her time to check out each scent and paw print that she discovered along the way. Usually that would involve, squirrels, rabbits, deer, an occasional neighboring dog or cat but today her hunting instincts kicked in when she came upon a spot where some wild turkey prints stamped out a pattern in the snow. Scottish Terriers were bred to be hunters of vermin but any scent grabs Miss Maggie’s attention. She is a born hunter! This was a new one for her…too bad the turkeys were nowhere to be seen as she would have loved to chase them! Some neighbors at the far end of our road have a small flock of chickens. In the warmer months they were wandering in the garden by the road and they really fascinated Maggie. Good thing she was on her leash!

So before we hunker down for a cold weekend and another 3 to 4 inches of snow, we will enjoy this respite while we can!!  Hope your day is kind to you.

Find Fergus

find the real puppy

I know…I’m a little crazy but I have such a collection of stuffed scottie dogs that I couldn’t resist posing Fergus amongst them for these shots…

and you gotta admit, it’s kinda funny and cute….

Meet Fergus


Well, here is our new little one who has come to join the family. Maggie finally has a new baby brother to take care of. Fergus MacDougel was born on October 1st and he is a real cutie. Maggie likes him and he seems to think that she’s okay too. Thank goodness… as that is always the chance you take in introducing a new pet into the household. He is fresh and clean and all bundled up in his little bed with his blankie ( a soft old beach towel he adopted). I think he’s settled in for the long haul…

Maggie babysits...

Maggie’s new hoodie


Maggie has a new hoodie and she was just strutting her “stuff” down the street today. It almost seemed that she was showing it off. She was running around so if someone had told her it was a “jogging” outfit! Even fur-girls love new clothes….

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