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The Potting Bench

Life is like a potting bench

Potential for growth is here

But how and why and where and when

Is not completely clear

The jumble of pots and tools

The smell of earth and green

A promise of things to come

Growing, but yet unseen

Roots to keep it grounded

Stems reaching for the sun

Leaves to shade a precious bud

Until its birth is done

It all starts at the crooked bench

Splintered and weather worn

A seed pushed into rich black soil

Life…waiting to be born!

 by Maron Craig Bielovitz



My Perfect Christmas

Victorian Santa

                                       My Perfect Christmas

                                    by Maron Craig Bielovitz

“Twas the week before Christmas and all though the place

wreaths made of pine and snowflakes of lace

were decking the hallways… and framing each door

were glittering garlands and holly galore.

The stockings were pressed and ready to hang.

And my fruitcakes had aged to a very nice tang.

The children had quietly finished their chores and,

now bundled up warmly, were playing outdoors.

Pappa came home at a quarter past three

so we could go out to cut our own tree.

The first one we looked at seemed the right size

and the trunk wasn’t crooked…what a surprise!

The tree was trimmed with the trains chuggling ’round

while the children sang carrols – such a heavenly sound!

In those few leisure hours, I did all my baking

and finished the very last gift I was making.

Christmas cards  (which I wrote out on Thanksgiving Day)

were stamped and sealed and on their way!

The house was all cleaned, the gifts were all wrapped.

Plans for the holiday dinner were mapped.

I remember thinking…”I deserve a rest”…

“I’ll lie down for a while to resore my zest!.”

So why do I feel like I’m ready to scream?

‘Cuz I woke up to find… it was only a dream!!!!!

Sun Rise

I watched the sun rise this morning

Casting a blue grey light behind the trees

The light grew warmer as I watched

And a new day was born….

by Maron Craig Bielovitz  11/23/09

Fabulous Fall!

frosted Bamboo blossoms

frosted bamboo blossoms


The crunch of the leaves when you go for a walk

The music of South bound geese as they squawk

Newly bare branches ‘gainst a cool blue sky

And juicy red apples just ready for pie

Let these ‘waken your senses and savor them all

As sultry Summer becomes fabulous Fall!!

by Maron Craig Bielovitz     11/09

Grammie’s Chair by Maron Craig Bielovitz

Grammie's Chair

Grammie's Chair

The big chair sits by the patio door

With room for Grammie, a Grandchild and more

A seat that’s cushy and extra wide

For a Winter’s nap, it’s a cozy ride

Grammie’s books are piled up here

Good thoughts for today and the Bible to cheer

Words of wisdom to enrich the mind

A mystery, a romance or the self-help kind

Grammie's Chair details

It’s a morning haven to savor a cup

Snug in the chair…with a quilt and a pup

To look out the window and watch the snow

Content and warm with no place to go 

It’s a place to pray and talk to God

To watch the sun rise and feel so awed

Yes, just inside the patio door

Is a chair for dreaming and reading and more…


It Isn’t Free!

It isn't free


It isn’t free…

This liberty

We should not take for granted

The right to let

Our voice be heard

                                                                                   No matter what our stand is!

The road to here

It should be clear

Was purchased with blood and strife

The way we live

Was paid for with

A strong and courageous life

They fought and died

Their widows cried

And we enjoy their labors

So let’s rejoice

We have a voice

Because of those bold saviors!

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


Let freedom ring in your hearts today America!


Underneath The Feeder

The feederUnderneath the feeder

There’s a world all of it’s own

A  host of fur and feather

Feast on seeds that have been thrown


The box is filled with plenty

And it dangles from above

A passing Cardinal tosses down

Some breakfast for a Dove


The Blue Jay tries to land up there

But he’s too big to stay

His clumsy efforts move the feeder

Causing seeds to spray


Down below, a hungry Squirrel

Is grateful for the treat

As the Jay creates a windfall

of lunch right at his feet!


It’s a busy spot from dawn ’til dusk

A gathering place for all

As some dine at the feeder

And some,  from seeds that fall


Yes, underneath the feeder

Is a special place, you see 

As fur and feather come together

And form a family

By Maron Craig Bielovitz